Fredrik Nielsen

Fredrik Nielsen is one of our time’s foremost rebels within the world of swedish glass. With his pulsating, punk-inspired works that use pop culture’s various expressions as a starting point in which glass shares the stage with music videos and graffiti. He works with problematising the prestige-loaded concept and phenomenon of ”art glass” and challenges the implied hierarchy and authenticity claims within the art. Through a kind of branding, he puts his own stamp on other existing art that is then displayed in a new context. In connection with his questioning of the art glass concept, he also explores the role of the artist and its significance for the work’s definition. Fredrik Nielsen places the image of himself in the centre and allows it to govern the shaping of his work. His self-documentation in the form of his own videos and still pictures is integrated and re-used throughout his installations.

Phone: +46 705 139 131 or +1 310 658 65 56
Address: Ragvaldsgatan 17, 118 46 Stockholm, Sweden