Strategic photographer

I’ve always been more interested in pictures than words. To animate an object or capture the soul of a person. To explore what’s beyond the things we see at first. The interesting part is often the gap between what a person wants to portray and how the person really is. The completed is unattractive, but the seconds before an artist puts on the ”artist” mask is interesting. And that’s what I want to capture. This is where art is born.

Everything can not be done in post-processing. The perspectives, sharpness, expressions and location is in the picture forever. In my profession, I know that the clock is ticking. The team is in place, every day costs. Then you have to keep focused, you have to deliver under pressure.

I have worked a long time and knows what the customer wants. My background in advertising helps me understand what the image will be used for and what the client wants to convey with their brand. Take a look at some of my photo work, or contact me and I’ll tell you more.